Her beloved Abram was brutally murdered on their wedding day. Raven could not bare the loss and ended her own life right there in the church. 


After being suspended in the darkness of death, Raven is re-animated by a stranger to become The Keeper of the dead. While conducting her duties to look after those interred in her cemetery grounds, Raven discovers that history has re-incarnated her beloved Abram only to have him pass once more. Raven oversees Abram’s funeral and she is shocked to find a living version of herself in attendance. Before Raven can get answers, history repeats and the living Raven commits suicide before her very eyes. It is only then that she realises this isn’t the first time fate has brought her beloved Abram back only to have her watch him die repeatedly. When the stranger who re-animated her returns, Raven discovers why she is The Keeper.

The Keeper, HaydenLit
The Keeper

Will the murder of her only brother force Nix to become the enemy she despises?


  When Nix Mason realises that her brother’s motorcycle accident wasn’t what the police report indicated, she makes it her mission to bring the man who murdered Jesse to justice. The justice she chooses is by her own hand, outside the realm of human and Wiccan laws. In her attempts to remove her brother’s murderer from the picture, she discovers that the same type of magick that allowed her brother to be murdered could bring him back from the dead completely.


  For Nix to go down this path, she will sacrifice more than she ever intended. The return of her brother may not be able to make up for the damage she causes in bringing him back. 

Dead Man's
Dance Series

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